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Notes From Das Boot 20

5/16/01 Colorado Springs
A good couple of days, we had a day off in Albuquerque and I had Carrie & Maggie fly out. Maggie stayed with Glinda and Betty. It was real good to see Carrie, it’s odd when a regular person drops into this circus. The language of touring is mainly brusque gallows humor, cursing and sarcasm, it’s a little hard to rein that shit in when a loved one comes out. Hope I did ok. The Sunshine Theater in Albuquerque was kind of a dive, and they spelled our name wrong on the marquee “Moster Maget”, guess they ran out of N’s. Also our bus got hit with one of those town trolley buses and it’s kind of fucked.

6/25/08 London
Played the Astoria with a band called Amplifier, their guitarist had about 25 fucking effect pedals and the bassist had 30. A puzzled nation asks why.