Mistaken Identity

I was out the other day with my wife and outside of a candy store was a giant retarded looking teddy bear, “Oh, that looks like you” she said. Besides sending me into a suicidal torpor it got me thinking of the times I’ve been a victim of mistaken identity.

July 23, 1980/Middletown, NJ
-Mistaken for the cartoon character Grape Ape in the produce aisle of Foodtown “a town of food in your town”. *

July 19,1983 /Furnt, Ohio
-Mistaken for Jerry Garcia and pelted with garbage at Shitstock-3 Days of Hate festival. $

September 1, 1993/Venice, Italy
-Mistaken for the character of Harry from the movie Harry and the Hendersons at the International Harry and The Hendersons Expo and Symposium. @

December 3, 1996/Red Bank, NJ
-Mistaken for a large moving shrub by a nearsighted old woman. *@

November 22, 1999/ Los Angeles
-Mistaken for John Popper, singer of Blues Traveler by John Popper who thought he was in an alternative universe and I was his double. * $

*-Police were called
$-Hospital stay
@-Feelings hurt

    • klutch
    • May 22nd, 2009

    I always thought you looked alot like that scary bearded guy with the wild hair seen skulking around in the background of the record store scenes with Ben Affleck and the screaming queen black dude in “Chasing Amy”.

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