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The Burger King

There’s this guy I knew from around, he was kind of friends with an old roommate of mine. He had a drinking problem and he was out of his mind. His main occupation was to stand outside of the 7-11 early in the morning and wait for his ex-girlfriend to drive by on her way to work. He would wave to her and she would give him the finger. He told me this and added “Yeah, what are ya gonna do, she’s not into me now but if I keep standing out there she’ll come around” I was thinking. “Yeah, come around with the cops” (pause for laughter). He had heard I was getting married and he wanted to go. “Hey, I’ll go to your wedding” I told him that it was a smallish wedding and the invites were all gone, it didn’t deter him. “No, but I wanna go. Look when you get more invitations send me one and I’ll go but send it to the Burger King, they know me there.” I didn’t see him for a few months and when I saw him again I was already married. “Hey man, I didn’t get the invite. Those motherfuckers at Burger King suck.”