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wanna pet a chicken

wanna pet a chicken

There was this big overweight guy who was a bit slow (no, I’m not talking about me) whose job was walking around town in chicken costume handing out fliers for a local chicken place. He had really bad posture so it looked like a giant depressed chicken stumbling through town. He would sometimes come into the store in costume (sans chicken head) look around and never buy anything. I think he was also missing a front tooth, so it was a perfect portrait of a sad sack. Every time I’d see him I’d wonder what his story was but I never wanted to actually engage him in a conversation because I suspected he was batshit crazy and it usually breaks down into five minutes of weird, interesting talk and months of uncomfortable blather. One day he came in (chicken suited) and finally talked, “Yeah, do guys have that music that’s bagpipe music with rap beats on top” I thought he could have meant Afro-Celt Soundsystem “ No, No that’s not it. It’s Scottish bagpipes, rap beats, middle eastern Japanese rhythms and rapping over everything. You know what I’m talking about” I told him I had no idea what he was talking about. “yeah, but wouldn’t it great if it existed.” And with that he was off, on his way out the door as he was putting his chicken head on he said to a woman by the front counter, “Hey lady, you wanna pet a chicken.”


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