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Notes From Das Boot 18

6/2/98 Brownsville, Texas
Jesus, it is goddamned hot around here. Our bus got in about 10 am and already there were a lot of drunk Mexican guys in the parking lot waiting for the show. Megadeth doesn’t even go on until 11pm, I wonder if any of them will be standing by show time. We’re on second tonight and a band called Soak is opening. A few days ago Dave Mustaine came by our table in catering during dinner, sat down and said, “You know I’ve established my legend, so what I want to do now is help younger bands get better. Here’s what’s wrong with your set…” I forgot what was wrong with our set, I was still kind of stunned by the “legend” part. He also does this thing where he makes a point of remembering everyone’s name, kind of like a parlor trick, “…and your name is Tim Cronin, see I remember everyone.” Yeesh.

June,19 2008 Amsterdam
Gary (our tour manager) missed the flight from Newark to Amsterdam. Not a good start for the tour and kind of a black mark against Gary. Wayne and I checked everyone into the hotel and no one died so I guess we did alright. There’s a sign outside the hotel for Amsterdam West which is abbreviated to A’dam West and I thought of Adam West as Batman. I thought this was pretty funny until I just saw it written down, not so funny.