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Shit Chef 5

At another restaurant I cooked at they had tiny sharks swimming around in the lobster tank. They were maybe five to six inches long and they looked pretty cool. One Saturday night before we opened a waiter complained to Bob the manager about the shitty employee dinner. I forgot what it was but I’m sure it was pretty crummy. Probably something along the lines of linguine and clam sauce; day old linguine and light on the clams. So Bob came back to the kitchen to talk to the cooks about it. He was completely non-confrontational, just to talk about how to make the employee dinner at least appear to be better. All the cooks were cool about it except Sammy. This enraged him and Sammy was a guy who was easily enraged. He was stocky Hispanic guy and a little bit crazy. He was also a great cook, he could handle any station and his food came out fast and perfect. So Sammy steamed off into the dining room and confronted the entire waitstaff including hostesses and busboys, “You guys got a fucking problem with your dinner!? If you gotta fucking problem, tell me not Bob!” To emphasize his point, he grabbed a tiny shark out of the lobster tank and threw it really hard at one of the windows. It hit with a sickening splat and the shark slid down the window leaving a pinkish smear and landed on a table ruining the tablecloth. There was dead silence and no one ever complained about the employee dinner again, even though it continued to be pretty shitty.