Million Dollar Idea

After seeing a bunch of baseball movies ( The Natural, The Natural goes Hawaiian, Nine Innings to Armageddon, Bleacher Bum Jury). I have an idea for a movie that combines Americas national pastime with Americas obsession with super-heros, Plasticman In The Outfield. Plasticman (I’m thinking Adrien Brody) is the super-hero with an elastic body, he is under no circumstances to be confused with Elasticman, or Rubberman, or Stretch Armstrong. Anyhow, thru some odd maybe comical events (which I haven’t worked out yet, asteroids perhaps.) Plasticman winds playing baseball for a major league team (I don’t care which one). Now here’s the O. Henry-ish twist, he’s awful. Can’t catch anything, he stretches his elastic, stretchy body and the baseball will bounce off his arms. He’s completely uncoordinated, and he can’t hit. Maybe he’s redeemed by the love a good woman, or a lost puppy, some homeless children, or even national pride, I don’t know maybe all of them combined. All I know is that it’s a million dollar idea. Hollywood, get going.



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