Novelty Failures


aka: The Hasselhoff

aka: The Hasselhoff

After the huge success of the Whoopee Cushion, novelty giant S.S. Adams tried to improve upon perfection with the Poo Cushion (aka: Shit Cushion, The Ruiner, Poo Pillow, Poo-Berry Squelcher, The Hasselhoff, Lil’ Stainer). The Poo Cushion was basically a Whoopie Cushion filled with a brownish goo made mostly from soft putty. This one time use novelty was sold in packs of four and was a minor sensation until the complaints started coming in. It seems the brownish goo permanently stained anything it got in contact with. The novelty buying public were outraged by the uncleanable stains the Poo Cushion left. In his memoirs It Wasn’t Me, Sam Adams (Founder of S.S. Adams Novelty) said it was a dark day for novelties “That goddamned fake shit was worse than real shit. And the public, well they got real sore.” There was a class action suit from a group calling itself, Pants Owners Outrage or P.O.O. and the Adams Novelty company had to pay out close to $50,000 in pants replacement. The Poo Cushions were pulled from stores and destroyed. Every now and then you can find one on E-Bay, however they won’t work as the fake poo has by this point in time solidified. Adams has said that the his two biggest novelty failures were the Poo Cushion and of course Knife In The Eye.

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