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Notes From Das Boot 16


10/27/08 Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport. 8:30 am (waiting for a connecting flight)
There’s this teeny tiny woman standing by the coffee kiosk. I couldn’t tell if she was a small woman or an old looking child and being kind of tired and delirious it bugged me so I kept looking over to her table where she caught my eye and glared at me. There’s another guy a couple of tables away from ours who is bundled up in a red sweatshirt and a hospital mask and he keeps coughing. Jesus, what kind of sickness is that asshole spreading, aarrrgh! If I see one more euro-douche sporting that fucking horrible “Ed Hardy” clothing there’s gonna be trouble. Some jerk just passed by with a glitter “Ed Hardy” shirt and a scarf. Jesus fucking Christ, who gave the green light on that shit. The unfriendly midget woman is gone, Ed and Jim are asleep at our table. Christ I’m tired.