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Famous Look-a-Likes

A potato chip that looks like DaVinci’s Last Supper
Location: Budgettown Cafeteria, Tucson Arizona
Current Status: Sat on, destroyed

Soap Bubbles that look like Joesph Stalin
Location: A Monkey cage, Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Current Status: Washed away

Pork Chops that look like Mary Tyler Moore (Dick Van Dyke Show era)
Location: Ribtopia Café, Tunderville Ohio
Current Status: Eaten, remaining bones resemble Larry Flynt.

Ear Wax resembling Ethan Hawke
Location: New York Eye and Ear Hospital
Status: Destroyed by a Q-Tip

Cheese Doodle that looks like Madonna (Like A Virgin era)
Location: Daniel “D-Man” Hunkles Super Bowl party, Hazlet NJ
Status: Inserted in nose, then thrown away in garbage

Mushroom that looks like Yankee Stadium
Location: Under tree
Status: Eaten, discovered to be poisonous. Vomited back up, now resembles
              Danny DeVito