sonic youth = opportunities

I see where Sonic Youth has a new album coming out. It reminded me of back in 1992 when the movie 1991: The Year Punk Broke came out.  I believed because of their appearance in the  movie that Sonic Youth were going to be huge, Led Zeppelin huge .  So I came up with some marketing ideas based on their name in hopes that it would make me rich. It didn’t. Here’s a list of some of the ideas I had:

*Tonic Youth– a “punk” drink mixer, would come in a variety of neon colors

*Bionic Youth-a Saturday morning cartoon show about the young “Six
Million Dollar Man”.

*Bubonic Youth-a novel about the spread of the Black Plague by youngsters

*Phonics Youth-a teaching program for English classes.

*Sonic Truth-a non fiction book on noise based interrogation.

*Sonic Tooth-an article on advancements in dentistry.

*Sonic Ruth– a “what if” novel. What if Babe Ruth were alive and playing
baseball today?!

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