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Swanson Angry Man Dinners

mmmm, fishchunks

mmmm, fishchunks


Times are tough and  people are angry so Swanson is doing their part for America by introducing a new line of affordable frozen dinners for people on a tight budget.

*Semi-boneless fish chunks in brine gel, with tapioca pudding

*Noodles with Cat-bark and a thick slice of prune loaf

*Economy links with boiled hay

SWANSON, Come Hungry…Leave Angry



Asstepro nasal spray

Asstepro nasal spray

Asstepro (asstazine HCL) nasal spray


Asstepro is a powerful antihistamine approved to treat symptoms of seasonal allergies including:
*Runny nose
*Watery eyes
*Ear sweats
*Impatient teeth
*Winter chin
*Genital glare
*Cruxshanks bloat
*Amy fissures
*Cuticle gas
*Lepers tan
*Bacon cough (with and without stutter)
*Tongue mites
*Nape weep
*Bellmans Huff
*Fast toe
*Larval Pontoons
*Eyebrow frumping
*Flemish elbow hats
*Waxy shin

For rapid allergy relief, talk to your doctor today about Asstepro.