Traffic Chat with Gary Gridlock


Gary Gridlock

Gary Gridlock

Special Alert
Special alert for the Harrelson Ave. Bridge over the Long Island Expressway at exit 59. The bridge will be closed every 25 minutes for a 10 minute duration from 8am to 8pm and again from 8:15pm to 7am. Alternatives to the closure include: the commuter zeppelin at Ave. A and 5th street, a make shift rope bridge at Blue Point Ave., or just staying home.

Bad News For Horse Racing Fans
Road work crews near Belmont Park have been shooting horses out of spite for the last two days and the ensuing chaos has shut down Belmont Ave until further notice.

Dear Gary Gridlock,
I live in Suffolk County, Long Island and my family and I will be going to see the Mets at Citi Field in Flushing Meadows. We’d rather take mass transit than drive. Can you give us the most direct route to the stadium?
Thanks, Sam/Suffolk County

Dear Sam,
I’m sorry but there’s no way to get from Suffolk County to Citi Field , even by car. I suggest watching the game on T.V.

[Gary “Gridlock” Gridlockovich is a former talking car, who by being pure of spirit was granted his wish of being turned into a little boy who grew up to write about traffic]

  1. I heard that Queens Blvd. (AKA the “Blvd. of Death”) is shut down until they exorcise the entire roadway of all the ghosts of hit and run victims and fix all the potholes. So plan on never driving on Queens Blvd. ever again.

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