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Anonymous Donor Gives Millions to Colleges

New York Times 4/24/09
“The call typically comes from a banker. This is followed quickly by a check arriving in the mail — or two checks. The only catch, for at least a dozen colleges and universities that have benefited from the surprise largess over the past two months, is that the donor must remain anonymous.”

-Yeah, Bill this is Andrew.   I still haven’t heard from any of the colleges I donated to. I mean Christ I’ve donated close to 70 goddamn million dollars and nothing. No thank you, no nothing. You’re my lawyer , you did the donations. What’s going on.
-Andrew, yeah uh…I did the donations but ..uh…um
-But, what?
-It might be your name.
-What’s wrong with my name
-Wellll, it’s Andrew Nonymous and you sign it A Nonymous so that might be the problem as to why you’re not getting the credit.
-You gotta be kidding me.
-Hey man, I told you to change your name. A Nonymous? Jesus, it sounds like a criminal in Batman.
-Mmmm, yeah maybe you’re right. How about Alfred Nonymous.