Movie Tie-In Failures


Omen Joys

Omen Joys

There have been many unsuccessful movie tie-ins throughout the years. From Canada Dry’s Fight Club Soda and Peter Paul Mounds Omen Joys to Solarcaines Empire of the Sunscreen and most recently Johnson & Johnsons There Will be Blood Band-Aids featuring a glowering Daniel Plainview on it’s box. It seems that movie tie-ins have never been an exact science and trying to get a read on a fickle public is not always easy.
Today we’ll take a look at an unsuccessful candy bar based tie-in, Paul Newman’s Milk Huds. In 1963 the Beatrice Food Company, maker of the successful candy and movie treat Milk Duds tried to capitalize on the success of the movie Hud starring Paul Newman. Milk Duds temporarily changed their name to Milk Huds and had a picture of a shirtless Paul Newman on the box. The country wasn’t ready for Newman’s raw shirtless sexuality on a candy box and a widespread moral outcry forced Milk Huds off the market. Newman himself was intrigued by the movie tie-in concept and tried it again with co-star Robert Redford for a product called The Sting: Bee Sting Balm and later on with Judge Roy Beans Baked Beans. Both products failed miserably but led Newman to form the wildly successful Newman’s Own imprint.

    • Stanley
    • April 25th, 2009

    Very funny. And don’t forget these two other disastrous tie-ins from the 1970s:

    1) Aunt Jemima’s “French Toast Connection” line of frozen breakfast foods, sold in kilo-sized bricks, and

    2) Playskool’s “Taking of Pelham One Two Three” children’s counting and education set, featuring a disheveled Walter Matthau action figure that grunted when you pulled the string.

    • gabe
    • April 25th, 2009

    Hey Stan, start your own blog.

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