Article From the Future (2025)

our 47th president

our 47th president

Movies of Our President

With the Election of our 47th president, David Lawrence Whitney (or as he used to be known, Larry The Cable Guy) let us look back at his movies to get a better sense of the man we know as “President Larry”. Ronald Reagan’s movie roles in such films as Hellcats of the Navy or Juke Girl gave a portent of what kind of president he would be.   This is also true for Bill Clinton with his role in Porky’s 3: Centerfold Fever, or George W Bush who had a bit part in Revenge of the Nerds II. “President Larry” ran as a populist in the Reagan mold, his campaign slogan of “Git-R-Done Together America” hit a responsive chord with many Americans.   52% of American voters to be exact. But what kind of president will he turn out to be, maybe his films will give us a clue. In 2006 Larry The Cable Guy, Health Inspector, Larry was already forming his populist image with his deft skewering of Intellectuals especially in the classic “exploding toilet” scene. Delta Farce (2007) had Larry and fellow Blue Collar Comedy alum Bill Engvall as army reservists accidentally dropped into Mexico instead of Iraq. The comedy and social commentary is fast and furious and hilarious as half of Mexico is destroyed. The movie ends with Larry flying a bomber over Guantanamo Bay and in a scene reminiscent of Dr. Strangelove Larry rides an A-Bomb yelling “Git-Mo. Hell, Git-Mo-Done”. Larry was quoted in the New York Post as saying “War can be fun and cool as long as we’re Git-N-R-Done.” He soon caught the ear of Fox News boss Roger Allies and he became a regular on Fox and Friends. His political views began to firm up with his next movie Judge Larry (2012). In this romp he played a gun totin’, joke crackin’ Supreme Court justice who dealt hilariously with activist judges, “Git-R-Judged” was the tag line on the advertisements. His only misstep was his next movie, the disastrous Larry The KKKable Guy (2015).   America is nothing if not a forgiving nation and a contrite Larry scored big with Gator-Done (2016) a “moonshine” comedy with an animatronic Burt Reynolds as Larry’s dad. The rest is as they say history, Larry being elected as Governor of Florida, The annexing of Canada, Robot marriage rights and of course Larry’s triumphant presidential campaign versus George Stephanopoulos3 who was a clone. It seems that as an actor and a politician, President Larry has Gotten-R-Done.

    • neighbourofthebeast
    • April 18th, 2009


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