Advertising Icons

The revised ad

The revised ad

Morton’s Salt
Founded in 1910, Morton’s revolutionized the salt industry with the introduction of magnesium carbonate to the salt. This process made Morton’s salt more free flowing than other brands. Morton’s first advertising character was a drawing of a middle aged prostitute pouring salt in a suggestive manner. There were two sets of ad copy the first reading “Salt as loose as a prosti.” And the second being “When it rains she whores.” In 1915 the government enacted The Dyer Act which outlawed offensive, titillating, or profane advertising. This forced Morton’s to change the ad design to what we know today, a girl with an umbrella and the phrase “When It Rains It Pours”. Other victims of the Dyer Act were Darkies Anti-Irish Salve (“Keep the Irish away the Darkie way”)which changed their name to Ben-Gay and Penis Brothers Smokeable Cocks which is now known as Marlboro Cigarettes.

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