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An article in last Thursdays edition about Reverend Jasper E. Van Flick contains the following error. The phrase “degenerate mule fucker” should read “tireless worker at a local homeless shelter. 
In last Sundays magazine section an article entitled Restaurant Radicals: The New Kitchen Socialism contained the following error. Chef WK LeSour’s dish, Beef Rangoon was described as “vomit inducing pool of undercooked bile.” This is a misstatement, it should read “delightful mélange of taste, aroma, and appearance”. Also in last Sundays magazine section the article entitled Neckbeards: Lincolns True Legacy had the following mistakes. The five quotes attributed to Mister Arthur Nudge are actually from a flock of Canadian Geese. The eleven references to the Empire State Building are actually references to Boars Head Olive Loaf