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Desserts Named After famous People

These have been around for a long time, with the most famous being the Napoleon. History shows that the trend started in biblical times. The Old Testament describes “Moses Delight” an after dinner treat consisting of mashed foreskins blended with hair clippings served in a bowl of dust. The “Charlemagne’s Sweet” made up of quail eggs soaked in lavender served on the head of a peasant was famous in Europe around 800 AD. The post industrial revolution gave us many more desserts named after the famous and infamous. The “Kaiser YumYum” was enjoyed by Germany’s Kaiser Wilhelm. It was a boiled dove stuffed with mashed bananas and tamarind, during WW2 the name was changed to “Bananas Hitler”. The Clark Bar named after screen icon Clark Gable originally consisted of chocolate, semi-precious gems and cocaine, this recipe was too costly and was changed to the candy bar we know today. Finally, during the Viet Nam war a celebrity dessert was used as a protest with Chef Pepin LaMerde’s infamous “Nixon’s Regret” which was twelve figs in a napalm flambé served on a pigs bladder filled with childrens tears.