Notes from Das Boot 8

6/22/08 On the Bus Somewhere in Germany
Christ, this is the worst fucking bus we’ve ever had and we’ve been on some rattraps. The air conditioning is fucked and the ventilation is weak, so it’s hot and thick the whole time. I don’t sleep so much as pass out for a couple of hours. The downstairs smells like fermented piss or as Dave said “It smells like what a disease would taste like.” It’s pretty bad, LeRoi our bus driver has cleaned the bathroom with industrial strength cleaners but the stench remains.
3/28/99 Virginia (Monster Magnet opening for Manson tour)
The lights are being cut for the fourth time this tour. The tour isn’t making it’s nut, it wasn’t doing well when Hole was on it but now it’s worse. The smart money says big changes around the New York shows. Either the tour will end or we’ll be replaced by a cheaper middle band like Nashville Pussy who are the openers now. I hope we’re off it, this shit blows.

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