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Notes From Das Boot 6

12/8/08 Nuremburg

One of our guitar techs named Stady was a in a few punk rock bands in Germany when he was younger and he told me this story. Stady’s band played a real rundown squat in Dresden in the winter. It was pretty damn miserable, no heat, broken windows and they were staying there after the show, it was real punk rock shit.  In the morning when Stady woke up he went into an adjoining room and he saw a few shopping bags from a local supermarket. He was pretty psyched, he thought that the people from the squat bought them some breakfast. He opened up a bag only to find that it was filled with frozen shit, the bathrooms didn’t work so they shit in shopping bags. He was more than disappointed.

6/9/02 North of Nashville 

 In the band/crew hotel room, a drunk Jon pulls out his dick and starts to fuck the hotel bible.  Jon being a devout atheist is having a laugh, however Joe B (aka: the Bee Keeper) our tour manager and Tom our guitar tech seem somewhat horrified.  Jimmy Bags is less than thrilled when Jon tries (unsuccessfully) to wipe the dick page on him. Thank god this is almost over.