Shit Chef 3

One day we bought a small 5FT shark from some local fisherman and it was our head chef Greg’s idea to butcher it up for shark steaks. Greg was a good cook but not a good chef. There was a bunch of things he didn’t know, dealing with a whole shark was one of those things. It was pretty much a disaster, while Greg was cutting the shark up he punctured the stomach. This is a pretty big mistake because it smells like a hatful of assholes not to mention it’s really messy. Greg ended up cutting off the head, which he was going to boil the flesh off of and wind up with a shark jaw. I’m not sure how you do that but it wasn’t the way Greg did it. He just put it in a giant pot and boiled the shit out of it, the head was buoyant and peaking out over the top of the pot. When Greg went out, Sean and I put the head in a smaller pot and covered it (which pushed the head down) and put it back. Later, Greg not knowing what it was took the top off the pot and the sharks head popped up like it was spring loaded. He was really pissed and the boiled up shark head was grotesque, it looked like a zombie shark. He never did get the jaw off of it and no one ate shark that night.

  1. the best way to do this, is to bury it for several months, the maggots and insects will eat all the flesh from the bone. burying it also hides the rotting odor. then after unearthing it, hose it off and leave in the sun for weeks, this will help bleach it. viola!!

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