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I like Records 7

The Crazy Country Tape Ladies

I haven’t seen these two in quite awhile, two middle aged women who appeared to be addled. They always wore pink rain jackets and puffy pink sweat pants. They used to come in once a month usually at night, right before closing time. They were  friendly but really dumb or heavily medicated maybe a little of both. Our cassette section was pretty small and we didn’t have a ton of country tapes but that’s what they asked for. One of them had a notebook which they would refer to and while they got the artist right they never ever got the song title correct. I think they just took bits of the lyric and went with that. “Do you have Aaron Tippin “Baby, please don’t go and leave me home again tonight””” We would always be nice…at first. Like I said the song titles were always wrong and when a title came up that was very close, “We have Aaron Tippin “Don’t leave me”” they would never buy it. There would be a lot of hemmin’ and hawin’ and then they’d say no. They would go through the same titles every time they came in and very rarely bought anything. We tried to avoid them like the plague but it would be like musical chairs, whoever didn’t get one of the good hiding spots got stuck with them. What little patience we had was quickly used up pretty quickly. It would be “Do you Kathy Mattea-“I Love the way that you love me at Christmas” and just as the last word left her mouth, “No, we don’t and we’re closing now.”  I miss them but only as a story telling device.