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Notes From Das Boot 5


November ’92? (page was damaged, couldn’t make out date)
Detroit has this club, Harpos. It’s a huge old art deco theatre right in an especially shitty part of town. It’s run by a guy that I called Harpo although that wasn’t his name. He reminded me of the psychiatrist in M*A*S*H, all arms and legs shaking like a walking earthquake. The stage is nine feet off of the ground so we figured there’d be no kids on stage. Wrong. From the first note it was flying bodies everywhere, pedals got unplugged and equipment was flying. Thugs with “bouncer” shirts were beating any unofficial stage dweller and tossing them back into the now swelling pit which was about 100 feet across. One poor bastard while trying to escape the stage law, slipped and got tangled neckwise in Dave’s guitar cord. So while the thug was dragging the kid off the stage, the guitar cord is strangling him. Dave stops his rocking and spectacularly dives on the bouncer and frees the kid. The crowd digs it and I think there were a few more Magnet fans after the set. Between sets there was a wet t-shirt contest type of thing and I got to be one of the judges, it was pretty goddamned great. The mix of the wet t-shirt contest, the hot sweaty room, and $1.25 pitchers of beer amped the crowd into the fucking stratosphere. White Zombie hit the stage and detonation, it was like a riot, like the last helicopter out of Saigon. I was on stage by the bass amp, taking it all in. The stage is nine fucking feet tall and still waves of kids get on the stage breaking through the human fence made by the bouncers. It’s now open warfare, bouncers just start punching anybody they can in the face. Two kids get on stage just to kick the bouncers and jump back in to the crowd. Another kid rises up out of the pit on somebody’s shoulder, maces a particularly vicious bouncer and vanishes back into the sea of people. Victory. Final total; 2 bouncers hurt, 5 kids hospitalized, 2 broken arms and 3 concussions. Show’s over, everyone leaves, no big deal. “You should have seen Pantera man, that was a fucked up show.” I can’t even imagine it