Notes From Das Boot 2

12/4/03 London

A short two show, six day (including flight days) trek to England. A lot of tension. For me it’ll be over when the show starts Sunday night and hopefully all my shit will work. The band although playing well hasn’t gelled into an actual band yet, right now it’s just five guys playing songs instead of one band. Oh well, so far so good (I’m knocking on wood).

I found a candy today by Nestle and it’s called “Drifter” which is a somewhat dark name for a candy bar. What’s next? “Stalker!, the snack that stays with you all day…even if you don’t want it to.”

6/20/04 Weisbaden

Drunk german guy ogling Phil’s girlfriend, Tara. Ed told the german that she was dating someone from the band. His reply, “Oh well, she is cute but she belongs to the team”

4/19/01 Springfield (home of the Simpsons)

We’ve been on tour for a little more than a week and the bus has become a plague ship.  A few days ago Arnold (aka: Goggles Piasano) got deathly ill, some kind of cold augmented with some horrible swollen gland thing.  He was appropriately treated like a leper and everyone was scared they’d be next, even though we were assured that is was viral in nature and no-one would catch it.  Three days ago Jon and Dave both got the cold.  Jon has been coughing on everyone on purpose and Dave his face red and puffy is communicating in a series of grunts.  This morning I woke up coughing as did Ian or as Dan calls him E-Dog or Ian Pee’n (Ian’s childhood taunting name). We’re all doomed.

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