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I Like Records 3

Matt and I were just hanging out at the back counter one morning shooting the shit when Danny came up. One of Danny’s superpowers is the power of interruption. He’ll interrupt anybody at anytime for anything. He doesn’t really have conversations, he just makes statements. “I did something last night I never did before.” The responses could have been endless but I settled on “Did you have sex with a goat?” “I went to Go and bought a domain name for the internet, and I’m gonna auction it off.” Seconds tick off and neither Matt nor I wanted to ask what the name was and we went back to talking.  Danny got fidgety and, “Eat My Jello.”   “Eat My Jello?, why the hell would you pick that?” “It’s a cool thing, ya know…Eat My Jello. You could use it for anything.” “I guess, it’s kind of dumb though.” “You could use it for anything, Eat..My..Jello.” A few hours later Danny steams up to the back counter, looks me in the eye and says “Sexy Midget” and another domain name is born.