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Notes From Das Boot 1

I have been doing concert lighting and touring on and off for about twenty years, I’ve kept journals for a bunch of it. I hope these make sense. The context doesn’t really matter.
3/18/04 Berlin
I’m fucking hating this. This tour feels like I’m falling down a flight of stairs in slow motion. Gluecifer* got their bus back today which meant they got their bus driver Theo back as well. He’s kind of psychotic and looks like A) he’s waiting for Ghengis Khan and his Mongol Hordes or B) he could be a futuristic villain from the original Star Trek series. He’s always awake and the only interaction I’ve had with him was during a shitty load-in in Glasgow. I was dragging a particularly heavy case and Theo looked at me (he was standing idly by) and said “I almost helped you, hahahahaha.” Just like a Star Trek Villain would.

*A great band from Norway