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Sunday Music 8/24/14

Golden Dawn-Starvation
This Austin band were contemporaries of The 13th Floor Elevators. This is from their only album Power Plant (International Artists 1968). It was recorded before Easter Everywhere but released after it. The album is solid and sounds like a folkier version of the Elevators


Sunday Music 7/13/14

Lithium X-mas : Hip Death Goddess
This is from the Dallas based band’s 1993 album Helldorado (Direct Hit). It’s a cover of an Ultimate Spinach song “Ballad of the Hip Death Goddess” from 1968


Sunday Music 5/4/14

Captain Crunch & The Crew-Nowadays People
These guys were from Ohio and that’s about all I know. I found it on a solid psych comp Psychedelic Experience Vol.3 (Mystic Records). The guitar lead from 2:25 to the end is amazing

Sunday Music 4/27/14

Husnu Ozkartal Orkestrasi-Su Derenin Sulari
Great cut from the essential collection Psych Funk 101: 1968-1975 (World Psychedelic). These guys were from Turkey [click on arrow below to listen]


Sunday Music 9/29/13

The Hills-Bring Me Sand
Spacey Swedish krautrock psych. This is from a reissue of their second album Master Sleeps (Rocket Records, 2013). It originally came out in 2011 and quickly went out of print. I was late to this band, thanks to the guys from Goat for turning me onto this. The Hills also came out with a live album this year on the Cardinal Fuzz label, which is a really good label for psych.


Sunday Music 5/5/13

Wellwater Conspiracy-Sandy
These guys were comprised of John McBain (Monster Magnet), Matt Cameron (Soundgarden) and Ben Shepherd (Soundgarden). They put out four really strong records, great psych with hooks. This is their cover of the Carnabeats song Sandy from a single released in 1994 on Super Electro. McBains lead at (approx.) 1:04 is one of my favorite guitar parts ever.
[click on arrow to listen]


Sunday Music 9/30/12

Straight Satans-Wearing Greg’s Skin
The Straight Satans were a great, short lived and woefully under documented Long Branch NJ band featuring Jon Davies (Secret Syde) and Wayne Larsen (Laughing Soup Dish). I think this amazing psych nugget is from 1989 but I’m not sure. Thanks to Sean for turning me onto this. There was was some really exceptional psych coming out of the Long Branch area in the mid to late 80’s; Secret Syde, Laughing Soup Dish, and Watch Children being the main proponents .


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