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Eighth Graphic Arts Production Yearbook (1948), pt.1

My mom worked for Gulistan Rugs as an interior decorator in the late forties.The Eighth Graphic Arts Production Yearbook (1948, Colton Press) is from her time there, it’s kind of nerdy stuff but I like it. [click on image to enlarge]
























Red Bank: The ads, 1972 (pt.2)

Here’s some more ads from Red Bank area businesses, 1972 [click on image to enlarge]

Graphis Posters 75 (part 3)

…and some more posters from Graphis Posters 75    [click on image to enlarge]

India-Suresh Sheth

India-Suresh Sheth

North Viet Nam-Tran Nguyen Dan

Poland-Wiktor Gorka

UK-Oscar Zarate

Italy-Ettore Vitale

USA-Marshall Arisman

USA-Seymour Chwast

USA-Chris Blum

Netherlands-Hans Versteeg

USA-Milton Glaser

USA-John J Sorbie

Switzerland-Werner Jeker




Graphis Posters 75 (part 2)

More stuff from Graphis Posters 75[click on image to enlarge]

Poland-FVB Starowieyski

Poland-FVB Starowieyski

UK-John Carrod

Germany-Christof Gassner

USA-Gary Goldstein

Japan-no info, for Parco dept. store

Japan-Otaro Tomoeda

USA-Lanny Sommese

Hungary-Tibor Helenyi

Switzerland-Werner Jeker

USA-Tadanori Yokoo


Graphis Posters 75 (part 1)

This is from a trade book collecting posters (advertising, political, social, decorative) that was published in 1975. Most of these posters seem to be from ’74 or ’73. [click on image to enlarge]

Poland-Franciszek Starowieyski

USA-Lanny Sommese

Germany-Bruno K Weise

Germany-Gerd Grimm

USA- John & Barbara Casado

USA-John & Barbara Casado

Italy-Paul Peter Piech

Germany-Holger Matthies

Germany-Sybille Knels, Dietz Ralle

Germany-Ideelismus GmbH

Japan-Tadanori Yokoo

Hungary-Tibor Helenyi

USA-Thomas Wood


Graphis Annual 57/58, pt.3

Here’s a third installment from Graphis Annual 57/58. This was a really good year for advertising art and there’s a lot I didn’t get to. I may have to come back to it. [Click on Image to enlarge]

Walter Sigg / Switzerland

Raymond Savignac / usa

Raymond Savignac / UK

Naiad Einsel / USA

Hirochi Ohchi / Japan

Tom Eckersly / UK

Sine / France

Fred Murer / Switzerland

Waldemar Swierzy / Poland

Leo Longanes / Italy

Herbert Leupin / Switzerland

Andreas His / Switzerland

Jerome Kuhl / USA

Andre Francois / France

Yusaka Kamekura / Japan

Graphis Annual 57/58, pt.2

Here’s some more from the Graphis Annual 57/58. Also the country listed next to the artist is where the ad was run not the nationality of the artist. [click on image to enlarge]

Ludwig Bemelmans-USA

Tadao Udihara-japan

Julian Key-Belgium

Sikker Hansen-Denmark

Ronald Searle-UK

Paul Rand-USA

Joan Jordan-Denmark


Herbert Leupin-Switzerland

Fix-Masseau, France

Herbert Leupin-Italy


Graphis Annual 57/58, pt.1

Here is another batch of international advertising and poster art from the book Graphis Annual 57/58. [click on image to enlarge]

G. Kieser/H. Michel-Germany

Henri Steiner-Switzerland

S. Polichek, G. Gersten-USA

Isi Nishijima-Japan

Tadao Udihara-Japan

Tadashi Ohashi-Japan

Yusaku Kamekura-Japan

Yusaku Kamekura-Japan

Bernard Villemot-France

Jacques Nathan-France



Polish Graphic Arts-part 2

Here’s some more from Polnische Graphik der Gegenwart, enjoy. [click on image to enlarge]

Eugeniusz get Stankiewicz-1975

Josef Drazkiewicz-1973

Zofia Glazer-1976

Wlodzimierz Zakrzewski-1955

Tadeusz Trepkowski-1952

Julian Palka-1972

Wiktor Gorka-1961

Henryk Tomaszewski-1969

Bozena Jankowski-1980

Wojciech Zamercznik-1960

Andrzej Klimowski-1977

Tomasz Jura-1973

Henryk Tomaszewski-1965

Jerzy Czerniawski-1974

Jan Mlodozeniec-1971


Polish Graphic Arts-part 1

I picked up this book for the same reason I initially started collecting graphic art collections, for flyer art. I’m glad I kept them as I appreciate them on a whole different level than just “this would make a great flyer”. The title of this book is Polinische Graphik der Gegenwart  it was published in 1989. I’m just a dilettante with this stuff, if you like this kind of thing I urge you to check out the 50 Watts blog (it can be found on my blog roll to the right) it’s constantly amazing. [click on image to enlarge]

Josef kotlarczyk-1960

Stanislaw dawski-1956

Stanislaw boryowski-1955

Edmund Piottrowicz-1980

Andrzej Rudzinski-1958

Wlodzimierz Kunz-1979

Teresa Jakubowska-1962

Marian Malina-1965

Zygmunt Kotlarczyk-1972

Richard Gieryszewski-1979

Jerzy Grabowski-1973

Jacek Kawalerowicz-1978

Mieczyslaw Wasilewski-1974

Jerzy Mazus-1979

Franciszek Starowieyski



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