The Real Frost/Nixon Interviews

President Nixon

President Nixon

David Frost

David Frost

August 5, 2009 by Rod Kanehl
If you liked Ron Howard’s “Frost/Nixon,” you can see the real thing on PBS.
Public television will offer the 1977 interview between former President Richard Nixon and David Frost. PBS stations will start presenting a two-hour retrospective this week. Frost introduces the program and discusses his memories.
Also being shown is rare footage of the 1979 Frost/Nixon wrestling match. Nixon who was upset at the response to the interviews with Frost challenged him to a wrestling match that was to be filmed and shown nationwide. Frost agreed and was involved in the production of the event. Nixon who was a wrestling fan wore a Mexican wrestling mask and called himself El Jefe (The Boss). Frost also wore a mask and called himself Senor Verdad (Mister Truth). The match was over quickly as Nixon surprisingly more agile than his younger opponent pinned Frost in two minutes. Unfortunately for Nixon his victory was short lived when the NSA (National Security Agency) decided that film of an ex-president wrestling was demeaning to the country. This is the first time that footage of the match has been shown on national television

I Hate Me, Part 100,552

I used to work in a liquor store a long time ago. I had been there for about six months when the boss started to let me do a little bit of the ordering. The third part of this fascinating tale was this customer who drank Schaefer beer in nip bottles. He was the only customer who drank it and he bought about four or five “8 packs” a week. Schaefer nips were on sale from the distributor and I figured this is too easy. I buy seven cases on the cheap and I look like a genius, if not exactly a genius than definitely not an idiot. I’d like to add that Schaefer beer is wretched stuff, it may have been good at one time but by the early eighties it was pretty  rough. So between the time I placed the order and the time it arrived, the steady customer who drank nothing but Schaefer nips dropped dead. I’m stuck with seven cases of beer that no ones going to buy and I’m gonna look like a dope for ordering it. So I drank Schafer nips for the better part of one summer. The only good part was when I was drinking it I had it to myself, nobody and I mean nobody wanted any.


Presto! Tiger owned by magic act escapes during a magic trick, later found roaming Las Vegas streets
LAS VEGAS (A&P) — Police in Las Vegas say Sebastian a three year old white tiger that escaped from Bunions Slot Emporium during a magic act has been captured.
Authorities say the residents in the city’s northwest section reported seeing the tiger wandering their streets and running an illegal 3 card monte game Thursday night.
Police Lt. Gary Gentry says the cat belongs to Magico Brothers magic act. He says the cat got loose during a magic trick called “Escaped Tiger”.
Sebastian the tiger was found in a resident’s backyard with three bobcats planning what appeared to be a jewel heist.
In a related story it is reported that five doves that were thought stolen from Ace Magic Supplies have turned up impersonating city councilman C.C. Coleman. Authorities were suspicious when the fake councilman introduced a bill requiring all business’s in the greater Las Vegas area to give out free bird feed and install birdbaths.
Animal Control and Metro Police are investigating both incidents.

Energy saving Tips pt.5

Freedom of Choice

The average home spends about $1,900,000 a year on energy costs. But you can lower your energy bills or help save the environment, the choice is yours!  Here’s some ideas:

Be a speedy chef

When cooking the only thing  more energy efficient than your microwave is a controlled indoor bonfire. It uses two-thirds less energy than any other cooking appliance.  Just be sure to have plenty of fire extinguishers and burn salve.

Push a button to wash your dishes and clothes

Surprise! Your dishwasher uses less water than your washing machine.  We recommend cleaning your dishes and clothes together in your dishwasher and save 20% yearly on your electric bill.

Fill up the fridge

Having lots of food in your fridge keeps it from warming up too fast when the door is open. So your fridge doesn’t have to work as hard to stay cool.  Can’t afford to fill up the fridge with food?  We suggest filling it with rocks and twigs, some of the twigs might even be edible.

Energy Saving Tips, Pt. 4

Fans and Air Conditioning

Reduce air conditioning costs with the use of fans. Most ceiling fans use less energy than a common electric chair, so it makes financial sense to install them in your home. Also consider experimental floor and wall fans, these giant fans generally use an entire unused wall or floor and create what scientists call “a wind-tunnel effect”. However care must be used with this new fan technology as there have been reports of indoor tornadoes when improperly used. So save money and be a fan, of fans.
Con-Ed Leading the Way

Mount Rushmore to get laser treatment

By Joe Foy, U.S.A. TODAY
The solemn faces of Presidents Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt and Lincoln are due for a face lift.   Crews from Scotland and California will shoot controlled lasers at the Mount Rushmore National Memorial as part of a beautifying project, known as “Monument Rehabilitation”. Project director Sid Finch stated in his press conference that “This project will give us and consulting plastic surgeons a chance to youthify national monuments… We‘re actually using some of the contours of George Clooney’s face for Abraham Lincoln, it’s quite revolutionary.” The monument rehabilitation project doesn’t stop there. In 2012 The Statue of Liberty is due for a makeover, says Finch “Lady Liberty looks a little zaftig these days and we’re going to slim her down a bit. The best way to describe it would be architectural liposuction. It‘s our intention to get Lady Liberty in Maxim magazine, if you know what I mean.” Mount Rushmore will be open to the public while the work is being done.


Ever since Walter Cronkite “the most trusted man in America*” died last week the Discovery Channel has been running Walter Cronkite Remembers a 1997 series where Cronkite goes over his years as a war correspondent  and anchorman .  It’s really interesting stuff and he adds a great insiders view of things.  He did another show a year or two ago called Cronkite! which some wags dubbed “Walter Cronkite Forgets” The following is a brief excerpt of the transcript for the pilot of Cronkite! that thankfully never aired:

Interviewer(off screen): Walter, what was living in Moscow like right after WWII?

Cronkite: What?! Who are you, what are you doing here?!  Moscow? that was the name of a dog I had, he used to bite the mailman.  Loyal as the day is long,  not like that snake Rather.  He couldn’t wait for me to retire, that snake.  Makes my blood boil.   And don’t tell me where I lived young man.  I think I know where I lived!…and why are you here?! In my house, with those bright lights and everything, (unintelligible grumble) .

Interviewer: We’re doing a television show about your life, you’ve lived an exciting life and been part of many historical…

Cronkite: (interrupting) An exciting life? You know who had an exciting life? Kennedy, all three of them.  I interviewed him once in Hyannis Port and he was having sex with a mule!  A mule, swear to God…And that’s the way it is….I’m sleepy…get out.

*the phrase “Most trusted man in America” is copyrighted by Cronkcorp, C&P all rights reserved


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