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Notes from das Boot 141

Munich, Germany
Tiring few days. After the Hamburg show which was good, there was an after show party DJ’d by Bobo our tour manager whose DJ name is “DJ Enemy of Comfort”. Our day off was a 17 hour drive from Hamburg to Vienna. Good show at the Arena there, usually the Arena is one of those places where the saying “if you smell weed, you will not succeed.” is an apt description but this show was great, everyone at the club was really on their game. After the show we had another long drive to the middle of nowhere. Cervia, Italy. Cervia is a summer resort town on the Adriatic sea. Cervia in the winter is kind of like a cross between Seaside Heights and Union Beach (this reference means nothing to anybody not familiar with the New Jersey, sorry. Just think “shitty beach town.”). We played the Rock Planet, it was pretty brutal but the people at the club were nice and the people who showed up dug it. We are now back in Germany which is kind of like home away from home, in some ways it’s better. We usually get well taken care of, the production is solid and the house crews are very good. Seven shows left.

Good German beer

Notes from das Boot 140

Vienna, Austria
Had a “foodtown” like experience yesterday at an Aldi supermarket in Germany. The bus had pulled over for a break and I went in to buy some food. I got some ham and cheese and bread for the tiny George Forman grill or “grilled cheesery” on the bus, which Jimmy Bags discovered, freeing us from the tyranny of cold bus food. I also picked up some yogurts and clementines and then headed to the counter. It should have been a straight forward deal, the kid rings me up shows me screen with the amount and I give him the money, he gives me the change and voila! The amount was 9.01€ and I gave him a 20€, I went to give him a penny, but he waved it off. The Germans aren’t the type to have a “have a penny, leave a penny” dish. In WWII they tried a “take a country, give a country” thing but they got greedy. Anyhow, I was surprised when I got a 10€ bill and 40 cents, even with euro-math it was 59 cents shy. I know, it’s only 59 cents, asshole. I held out my hand with the incorrect change and made a raised eyebrow, lemon face and shook the change, he looked at it, then me, then the change again. I said “it’s wrong”, and the line behind me grew. I showed him the receipt and said “it should be ninety nine” but it think it came out “nein, nein.”. He glared at me and called over a manager, and the line of grumbling Germans behind me grew some more, now six deep. There was a huge procedure with both manager and clerk studying the receipt. They opened up the cash drawer and gave me another 15 cents. I was gonna say something but thought better of it

Krampus kandy!

Notes from Das Boot 139

Hamburg, Germany
I’m a douchebag. When we first started touring (which doesn’t seem so long ago) it was a really big deal to make a collect call home, now I get bent out of shape when the Internet connection is slow at a club. In the dressing room at Grosse Freiheit and Garrett is playing around on his phone, I think he has an app called “sounds to annoy the shit out of Tim”, a collection of honks and beeps an whistles that is not constant, there is just enough time between them to think “maybe that’s the last one……..No, shit!” We play in Germany around the end of the year quite a lot and for years I kept seeing posters for big “Silvester parties”. At first I thought they were big disco parties named (and incorrectly spelled) after gay disco icon Sylvester, (his big song “you make me feel (mighty real)” ). And I was amazed at the bits of American culture that the Germans latched onto, like the almost national obsession with the tv show Married With Children in the nineties. Then I found out that “Silvester parties” we’re just new years eve parties. D’oh.

The lighting desk at Grosse Freiheit.

Notes from das Boot 138

Hannover, Germany
We are playing The Capitol a nice old theater styled club here. It seems like not much in the way of rock passes through here, on the upcoming shows list the biggest thing I saw was a Rammstein cover band. A couple of years back I wrote about how treacherous the streets of Amsterdam were. Well Antwerp is no slouch in the “I think I’m gonna be hit by a fucking vehicle” sweepstakes. In the photo, the street starts of with a small pedestrian walk, then a bike lane, then a bus/tram lane (and trams are motherfuckers, they make no noise, so you don’t know when they’re about to hit you), then there’s a car lane, a small “safe” zone, another car lane, another bus/tram, bike lane, and finally another pedestrian lane. it’s like a shitty live action Frogger game.


Notes from Das Boot 137

Antwerp, Belguim
London show was cool, Koko is a great place to do a show, it was sold out and I got to see a bunch of people I haven’t seen in quite a while. Paris show was completely the opposite venue-wise but also great, small punk rock sized room at La Maronquinerie,great house crew and one of the shittiest load outs in memory. Push all the gear half a block (in traffic) to the bus & trailer that’s double parked and the bus is on a hill so everything has to be held in so it won’t roll out. A guy who we had blocked in took out his displeasure by pissing on the trailer, lotsa larfs. We are in Antwerp today, it’s beautiful where we are. Had an amazing lunch (pictured). Basically a variation on gravy fries. A really nice beef stew(braised beef and onion in a beer based stew) served over fries, it sounds like diner fare but it was better, especially with a beer. It came with a salad that of course was covered in mayonnaise. Mayonnaise is a huge part of Belgian culture and much like the Inuits who have 75 different words for “snow”, the Belgians have over 100 words for mayonnaise.

don't insult it by calling it gravy fries

Notes From das Boot 136

Playing the Koko here tonight, real good place and i think it’s sold out. Of course it’s an early show because of the dreaded “After Show Disco”, which means crazy packing up and loading out. Lately it seems like I’m just opening my mouth to change feet, A few days ago in Karlsruhe, Phil lost his denim jacket, he was understandably bummed out about. i didn’t realize Phil had 2 to 3 denim jackets with him, so yesterday i saw him with a denim jacket on. “Hey Phil, cool, you found your jacket.”
“No…this is another one….Thanks for reminding me.”
(One of Phil’s superpowers is his ball busting)
So today I saw him with yet another denim jacket. How many goddamned denim jackets can one guy have? This has to be the one he lost.
“So, that’s the jacket you lost? Right?”
“….No…that one’s gone…for good…I’m glad you keep reminding me…dick”
I’m not saying anything again, ever.

one of the many denim jackets that aren't Phils

Notes from das Boot 135

Glasgow, Scotland
After a 30+ hour drive from Karlsruhe Germany we are here, and it’s thanksgiving. I don’t think they use turkeys for food over here. I was told that most turkeys are used to pull milk carts and coal wagons. So I guess it’ll be Indian food, which is alright with me. A highlight of the tour so far is finding the Alan Partridge autobiography. Fun fact: Glasgow provides the rest of the British Isles with grime.

Notes from das Boot 134

Karlsruhe, Germany
Here are some pictures of the Ramones Museum in Berlin run by a guy named Flo. Great stuff.[click on photo to enlarge]

Notes from das Boot 133

Berlin, Germany
Had a nice day off in Berlin yesterday. Went to the C/O Berlin photography museum, it’s a cool place located in an old post office. The exhibit was about terrorism, it was solidly depressing. All the usual suspects (so to speak) were there : 1972 Olympics, check. Patty Hearst, check. Horrifying South American political unrest, check. 9/11, check. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any grimmer, the last room had a bunch of candid shots of terror victims. Game,set,match. Then I went to the Ramones museum as a sort of mental palette cleaner, it was great. Today we’re at Huxley’s an old giant cavernous room that we’ve played before. The show that stands out the most was when we played with Union Carbide Productions (1995?). They weren’t going over that well and their singer Ebbot, who at the time looked like sandbox era Brian Wilson, stripped down to his union jack briefs and dragged a giant biker type heckler from the crowd and preceded to dry hump him over one of the front monitors. It won over the jaded Berlin crowd, huzzah!

Notes from das Boot 132

Copenhagen, Denmark
We had a day off here yesterday, which meant I washed some clothes; hot water & hand soap in the sink or bathtub, rinse, hang over the heater to dry. We had a radiator that had basic symbols on it but didn’t make much sense. On a large dial at the end of the radiator were numbers from 1 to 5, 4 & 5 had large red stripes under them which I thought meant extra hot. After the 5 there was what looked like a Pi sign with an umlat over it an then next to that was an asterisk. I set it between 5 and Pi/umlat. I then noticed an additional dial in the main dial. This dial did nothing. The main dial did nothing either, it stayed cold. The damp clothes over the non working radiator looked like an art installation piece, “transient laundry”. I looked around the room for a “how to operate things in your room” pamphlet but had no luck, All I found were a bunch of self congratulatory screeds about how green the hotel was and how proud they were that their breakfast waffles were made on free range waffle irons. Also the key cards are made of 80% Nordic wood and only 20% orphan hearts.

This is a picture of one of my favorite bridges it connects Sweden with Denmark, although from this photo it looks like it connects Sweden with a cloud bank.


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