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Sunday Music 7/20/14

Ty Segall Band-Tell Me What’s Inside Your Heart

This is from Slaughterhouse (2012, In The Red), the only album by Ty Segall Band not to be confused with Ty Segall himself and the many recordings under his own name. However you want to slice it Mr. Segall and his contemporaries (including but not exclusive to The Oh Sees, White Fence, and  Mikal Cronin) have been cranking out some of the best music I’ve heard in years. Slaughterhouse has parts that sound like a garage punk Hawkwind. This song is just perfect noisy garage pop


Sunday Music 7/13/14

Lithium X-mas : Hip Death Goddess
This is from the Dallas based band’s 1993 album Helldorado (Direct Hit). It’s a cover of an Ultimate Spinach song “Ballad of the Hip Death Goddess” from 1968


Sunday Music 7/6/14

Freedom’s Children-That Did it
South African heavy blues rock, sounding like a much more ragged Led Zeppelin. From the 1971 album Galactic Vibes


Sunday Music, 6/29/14

River City Tanlines-Time 2 Get Right
Good summer music from this Memphis based band led by Alicja Trout (Lost Sounds). This is found on All 7 Inches Plus Two More (2005, Dirt Nap)


More trouble for Led Zeppelin

By G.T. Seaver, The A&P press

The rock band Led Zeppelin has been in the news of late. With the start of a massive reissue series of their back catalog and legal problems stemming from a song writing dispute concerning their song “stairway to heaven” (a heavy staple of classic rock radio). Now more problems seem to be on the horizon for the still popular rock band as professor John Milner a musicologist at Norton University has made a shocking claim. “It appears that the band Led Zeppelin wrote none of their own songs, they are all stolen from other bands, individuals or in a small number of cases very intelligent pets”. Professor Milner goes on to say “The only song we think they might have written themselves was Hot Dog from the album In Through The Out Door”. A comprehensive list of all of Led Zeppelin’s songs and the artists that professor Milner claims to have written them will be forth coming. There has been no response from any Led Zeppelin representatives.


Sunday Music 5/4/14

Captain Crunch & The Crew-Nowadays People
These guys were from Ohio and that’s about all I know. I found it on a solid psych comp Psychedelic Experience Vol.3 (Mystic Records). The guitar lead from 2:25 to the end is amazing

Yet another million dollar idea


Greg Kihn


Greg Kihn was/is a rock guy who had a few power-poppish hits in the mid-eighties. The thing I remember most about him was how he worked his name into most of his album titles: “Rockihnroll”, “Kihntinued”, “Kihnspiracy”, and “Kihntagious” to name a few. He stopped making records in the 90’s, I don’t know if he just moved on or if he ran out of album names that worked his own name cleverly into the title. If it’s the second reason, here’s a few that just might re-energize his career, you’re welcome.

-Kihn Do! (maybe multiple exclamation points?)

-ReKihnsider Baby

-Kihndred Spirits (his duets album)

-President Kihnedy

-I left my heart in Kihntucky (country album)

-Lynyrd Skihnyrd (power pop versions of Lynyrd Skynyrd, If this is popular perhaps a collection of “grunge” songs as Skihn Yard)

-Kihnadian Tour



Russian 7″ records (pt2)

Not really a quality part two and not really all Russian records. The one I forgot to post yesterday was a cool generic cover from Supraphon (which I think is from Czechoslovakia), there’s also an Israeli 7″ of what looks like a french dance hit (with dance steps for the kids) [click on image to enlarge]
Scan 1





dance step detail

dance step detail

Scan 7





Russian 7″ records

These are from a bunch of 7″ records I picked up awhile ago. They are from the Russian Melodiya label. The majority of them are generic and one sided.  I think most of them are from the late sixties. Thanks to Rika for help in translation. [click on image to enlarge]
russian 2

STEREO.  The word in lower case translates to "Estrada" which is loosely defined as "variety".

STEREO. The word in lower case translates to “Estrada” which is loosely defined as “variety”.

front "Edith Piaf Sings"

front “Edith Piaf Sings”

back. The type seems to be letter press

back. The type seems to be letter press

Russian 1
Russian 4
Russian 7





some translation: "Russian native music", "Music of the nation of the USSR", "Dances international estrada (variety)"

some translation: “Russian native music”, “Music of the nation of the USSR”, “Dances international estrada (variety)”

front. "Stereo", "Estrada", "Songs"

front. “Stereo”, “Estrada”, “Songs”

back. same words as front

back. same words as front

russian 6
Russian 5





Sunday Music, 3/23/14

I haven’t written in a while as I’m trying to write songs for my bands next record, (possible titles: “The unasked for”, or “Where The Action Ain’t”) anyhow with slim writing skills and a broken scanner (scanning cool stuff is a good stop gap when I have nothing) there hasn’t been much on the blog front…hello? Is this thing on?…Any Anyhow here’s a cool song by Virgie Till, “Loose Me Love” originally a single on Glover records. I found it on a great comp The Jerk Boom! Bam! Vol.3 [to listen click on arrow below]

buy this

buy this



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