I Hate Me, part 438,110

Just one more thing from working last week:
Two well fed slackjaws in their mid twenties, milling around not buying anything and comparing the lunches they just ate:
That fuckin’ sub..
…it was a fucking CALZONE
whatever, it fuckin’ sucked
(looking at Peter Frampton’s -Somethin’s Happening LP)…hahahabraybrayhahaLook Peter Frampton looks like PATRICIA Frampton.
Duuude…LOOK..He looks like A CHICK, PATRICIA Frampton
I fuckin’ like Peter Frampton
…Yeah but dude, he looks like a chick.
Fuck you
Fuck YOU

I Hate Me, part 477,616

I have been working a lot this week as one of the other managers is on vacation.
1) An old guy, the type of unhappy person my mom would describe as a “pill”. He comes in every couple of weeks to shop and use the bathroom and every time he goes to use the bathroom he can’t get the door to open and accuses us of changing the locks on him. This week he came up to the back counter and asked to hang up his coat behind the counter. There are no coat hooks or hangers behind the counter:
“Well what do you do with you coat?”
“I roll it up and throw it under the counter.”
“hhmmmphhh…I bet a lot of people ask you that… you should get a coat rack for the
“Nobody’s ever asked but you”
“Hhhmmphhhhh….just give me the key to the bathroom”
“Be careful of that lock.”

2) Woman called to ask for directions:
“I need directions to your store”
“Ok, where are you coming from?”
“I’m driving, now”
“Ok, where are at now?”
“A road………………………………………….”
“Well that’s good but I’m gonna need a little more than that to go on”
“I’ll call you back”

Sunday Music 11/9/14

The Heads-Legavaan Satellite

This is from the recently reissued Everybody Knows We Got Nowhere (Rooster) originally released in 2000. These guys have never really gotten their due over here, maybe because their main U.S. label (Man’s Ruin) sank pretty quickly and it’s a goddamn shame. This record especially (and you should pick up everything they have released) is a heavy, psych drenched, shambling mess. Which is the way it should be, parts of it sound like Mudhoney jamming with Neu! or an argument between The Stooges and The Cosmic Psychos and everything is run through a mean, drug addled Hawkwind machine. This is a 2 cd set, the second collects a bunch of BBC recordings and some Man’s Ruins things. Buy this.


I Hate Me, part 490,222

There’s an odd, very small sub-strata of used record customers who get peeved when used albums for bands they like aren’t selling for as much as they think the band is worth.
A mid thirties “dude”, leather jacket, neatly trimmed hair and beard, sees a used copy of Judas Priest-Turbo:
-$3.99?!? NO WAY MAAAaaaaaann!
-Yep, $3.99
-You gotta sell this for more, man It’s PRIEST….PRIEST, man.
[like an idiot, I engage him and explain my pricing]
-It’s worth $3.99 here. The vinyl is pretty solid but the cover is kind of beat.
-No, Man…..You gotta sell this for…..at least……$20…..It’s PRIEST, man… C’MON!
-Well, you can buy it for $20 if you want…I don’t mind.
-No man….No….I got it already.
-But you want somebody else to pay $20 for it?
-No….no…………no but man, it’s priest.

As may have noticed I haven’t been posting as much lately, the reason being that I’m trying to finish writing words for a new new record by my band The Ribeye Brothers. For me writing songs is slow and agonizing (although not as much as listening to them. POW!) So I’ve been concentrating on that. Here are a couple of Album title/cover ideas.
over under sideways shittwilley does mindRibeyes sound explosion

Fleetwood Sports Record Album Catalog 1974

Fleetwood Records put out a bunch of sports highlights records, here is their 1974 catalog [click on image to enlarge]

I Hate Me, Part 477,198


I was coming back from getting a coffee and I saw a crazy woman who doubles as a crazy customer who doesn’t buy anything but asks rhetorical questions regarding how her boyfriend could cheat on her. Not in a “How could he do this to me?” type of way but in a logistical “How could he do this to me…when I was watching him like a hawk?” way. So I gave her a wide berth and got to the back counter unscathed where I was greeted by a large sad old man.
“Do You have 70’s music…the fabulous 70’s music?”
“mmm Is that the name of the album you’re looking for?”
“No, it was fabulous”
I start walking him over to the compilation section
“are you looking for that old collection called Fabulous 70′s…because that’s out of print”
“no…no it was the music that was fabulous and it was from the 70′s.”
“yeah…fabulous…can you think of any song or artist that you were thinking of?”
“No…it was on the radio and it was fast”
“ahhhyeahh..the 70’s was quite a chunk of time…and there was a lot of music made during that time…
-blank stare-
“…a LOT of music….so…rock music?…dance music?…”
“it was fast”
“fast?…fast songs from the 70’s”
“Yeah…I don’t want no ballads”
“…urrhhhhuhhh…ok… was it fast and heavy like…uh…Led Zeppelin…or fast like the Ramones…?”
-blank stare-
look man…you’re givin’ me nothin’ here… ya gotta work with me a little bit”
“it was just fast, you have anything like that?”
“not really, here’s all our 70’s comps”
Heavy sigh “…ok”

not fabulous enough

not fabulous enough


I Hate Me, part 413,900


(prologue, foreshadowing) I have a annoying/great air horn app on my phone, it’s great for interrupting people (you’ve gone on too long, “MAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!”) and just generally being annoying.

I was grabbing lunch at Whole Foods (Mac & Cheese: each piece of macaroni was hand crafted on a tiny macaroni lathe and the cheese was sourced at a dairy farm partially owned by the cows) and was eating at one of the tables in the store. I had finished and went to throw out my garbage. I’m somewhat lazy when it comes to recycling. There wasn’t any cans or bottles in my trash but I know if I did a little more research on the all the materials that made up the trash I would’ve/should’ve separated them better. There was a couple of middle aged hipster types (high maintenance facial hair, nerd glasses) chatting right by the garbage. I had my phone out while I was eating and had it in my hand as I was mashing everything into the general garbage can. I don’t know how it happened but I hit the air horn app and dropped the phone with the garbage into the can at the same time. MAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!. The people who were chatting shot me a look, “uurhh… heh…must be a recycling…or garbage alarm”. Dead eye look, building into annoyed glare, back to chatting. I pulled out the can and fished out my phone. I wanted to slink out but since I just stuck my hand in garbage I went and washed my hands and cleaned my phone and then slunk out.

now in convenient phone version

now in convenient phone version


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